Neil Patrick Harris: Burgeoning Daredevil

nphgossip.jpgYou know what they say: If at first you have to sit on a guy’s shoulders who walks you over a tightrope, try, try again until you can stand on that guy’s shoulders the next time he walks you over a tightrope.

They say that, right?

Neil Patrick Harris, in town to promote Smurfs 2: This Time It’s Personal, paid a visit to Absinthe at Caesars Palace on July 11. The last time he came by the show in February, he got to go on a tightrope ride on the shoulders of Tony Hernandez. Which, incidentally, Absinthe should charge extra for in a VIP package.

This time, Harris got a lesson in wire walking from Hernandez, and the actor actually stood on Hernandez’s shoulders this time for their tandem walk. New idea for Nik Wallenda: Walking across the Grand Canyon with Neil Patrick Harris on his shoulders. They can wear matching mom jeans. Bonus points if Harris sings saucy Broadway numbers the whole time. They could pretty much retire television after that, assuming they didn’t after Sharknado.

The following morning, Harris was joined by Smurfs castmates Hank Azaria and Jayma Mays at Paris Las Vegas to interact with fans at the Eiffel Tower. They were joined by Papa Smurf, Clumsy Smurf and Smurfette. Once again, we got big-timed by Gargamel. He thinks he’s such a big shot, holed up in his castle, trying to turn Smurfs into gold. You’re never going to get rich that way if you can’t even find Smurf Village, stupid. Whatever.

Wale Has an Honest Streak

When your album debuts at No. 1, displacing Kanye’s Yeezus no less, it’s acceptable if you want to get a little cocky about it. You’ve earned it. Wale? Not so much.

He was at the Palms Pool’s Ditch Friday party July 12 to do “Bad,” “Clappers” and “No Hands” when he took a good long look around the crowd and said, “I can’t stop staring at all these gorgeous ladies. I feel like such a creep.”

God, we hope “awkward, self-deprecating confessional moment” becomes the new “bragging about your stuff” trend in hip-hop. Because we’re very much looking forward to Jay-Z’s new single “I Thought That Girl in the Grocery Store Was Checking Me Out But Then I Noticed She Was Just Trying to Find the Cap’n Crunch Behind Me” and Rick Ross’ “Sometimes I’m Not as Nice to My Mother as I Should Be.”

Another one for the road

As the World Series of Poker plays down to its November Nine, we’re still going to be without our first celebrity final tablist. Ray Romano and Kevin Pollak both busted on Day 3 of the event, while neither Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander nor The Sopranos’ Robert Iler made it out of Day 1. Though they were in good company, going out on the same day as 2011 champ Pius Heinz. … Eli Roth’s Goretorium filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but according to a statement from the director, the attraction has no plans to close. “We are absolutely open and plan on staying this way,” he says. If nothing else, it could be a pretty good set for Hostel 7. … According to reports, Giants pitcher Chad Gaudin has been charged with lewdness after allegedly groping a woman on a Desert Springs Hospital gurney in January. Look, you don’t get to choose where love strikes you. If countless Nicholas Sparks books have taught us anything, it’s that.


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