Tattoos as Much a Part of Mel Goodwin’s Look as Glittery Shoes


Photo by Zack W
H&M top and pants. Steve Madden shoes. Warby Parker eyeglasses: “I love the tortoise-shell print on top that fades to clear on the bottom.”

Who: Mel Goodwin

What: Program director at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada

I’m incorporating … more statement pieces that are flamboyant and bold. My glittery oxfords were a thrilling purchase for this reason. Plus, they were on clearance!

My tattoos are … a collection of experiences from my life. My favorite is the maple leaf in my left armpit. I have a fascination with trees and leaves. This may be a reaction from having grown up in the desert and my parents being from the East Coast.

I don’t identify … as a man or a woman. I define myself as being “gender queer.” This might be hard to conceptualize, because Western culture teaches us genders are definitive, offering only two options—man and woman. This doesn’t accurately express the lived experience of all people.

The English language … doesn’t necessarily offer much to help identify the gender-queer community; there are still some gender-neutral pronouns. I prefer to be addressed by “they,” “them” and “their.”

Besides my work for the Center … I’m contracted through the Downtown Project to host community events and to do outreach for the LGBTQ community. I love working and living Downtown—it’s nice to see people being celebrated for their uniqueness.


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