Allison Serafin

Vice President, Nevada State Board of Education

Best Hope for English Language Learners

Born in Mexico City, Lucy Keaton (pictured) was a child when her family immigrated to the United States. She knows firsthand the experience of learning English in a public school system while speaking a second language at home with her family. She’s taught, served as an English Language Learner facilitator and was a highly successful and nationally recognized principal at Las Vegas’ Halle Hewetson Elementary for more than seven years. In February, the Clark County School District named her assistant superintendent for English Language Learners. More than 53,000 students in the CCSD identify as ELLs; that’s enough kids to fill MGM’s Grand Garden Arena three times over, with thousands left in standing room only. With a 23 percent graduation rate and an eighth-grade reading proficiency of 8 percent, these students need more from our schools. Keaton’s vision and leadership will set the course for a new day in Clark County as she works to significantly increase the success of English Language Learners across our community.

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