Dishing: Vegetable Curry, DW Bistro

Served over rice or couscous, this Asian-inspired, Jamaican-infused curry arrives in a massive bowl, brimming with bright yellow sauce. Loaded with seasonal vegetables such as haricot vert and yellow bell peppers, as well as broccoli rabe and cabbage, the curry carries an intense, bold flavor without being too hot. If you’re feeling carnivorous, there’s a version with chicken as well.

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Dishing: Fried Chicken, Central

Dishing With Grace

Dishing: Fried Chicken, Central

By Grace Bascos

French takes on fried chicken are always a little different than the American versions we might be used to. Michel Richard’s iteration at the hands of chef Todd Harrington goes a completely different route than the standard egg-and-bread crumbs treatment. It’s poached and coated with chicken mousse before it gets covered with fresh bread crumbs—and this is a three-day process. The result is one of the crunchiest, most moist pieces of fried chicken you’ll ever encounter. Read more from Dishing.