Best Club that Feels Like a Festival



If you’re looking for a festival-like experience, but without all the desert setting, lack of water and road weariness, head to the magical labyrinth of Hakkasan, which is about as festival-festive as you’ll find indoors. Both book top DJ/producer talent. Both have wild set designs, dancers and choreography. Festivals have multiple stages, each with its own DJ and vibe. Hakkasan has multiple rooms with unique programming and character. Festivals have carnival fare; Hakkasan has a Michelin-starred chef at the helm. While festival sets last at most 90 minutes, Hakkasan DJs spin for hours on end. And then there’s the Port-a-Potty thing … Don’t wait for EDC 2014—grab your crew, throw on some neon and get festive in Hakkasan.

In MGM Grand,

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Jason Strauss


Jason Strauss

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