Best Good Guy for a Bad Situation

Larry Rinetti


It’s not the 13 years of active-duty service in the Marines Corps that makes Larry Rinetti deserving of recognition, nor is it the five-plus years (and counting) of Reservist service … or the nearly three years he spent working for someone named George W. Bush as a guard chief at the White House communications agency … or the seven years he spent patrolling the streets of West Las Vegas as a Metro officer … or his recent promotion to Metro’s Gang Unit … or the hundreds of highly tense situations he’s helped diffuse as a Crisis Intervention Team officer … or the personal hours he devoted to become CIT-certified. It’s all of these things put together, plus this: Detective Rinetti, who is quick to admit he was once “a bit of a knucklehead,” is addicted to helping those most in need. “I enjoy making a difference in somebody’s life, and I know personally every day when I leave work that I have done that in some capacity. That’s what’s most enjoyable for me.”

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