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Best Government Agency That Used to Be the Worst



It’s not easy to admit, but we can no longer just whip out the DMV as the butt of easy jokes anymore (“That [insert grueling thing here] was worse than going to the DMV!”). Even among government agencies, it’s long been notorious for having no respect for our time. But there’s been a transformation in recent years, with shocking results: an orderly system, reasonable waits and (this is still hard to type) pleasant service. How’d this happen? First, the DMV’s expansion of online services (from registration renewals to the new MyDMV page) and the addition of kiosks (such as those at Albertsons) have done a good job of keeping you out of the DMV. Second: better customer-service training. The combination of the two have led to better morale, which has led to actual customer compliments, a fresh sampling of which greets employees daily when they log on. That’s what you call a virtuous circle. And a government agency made it happen.

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