Best Hair Metal Comeback

Mötley Crüe at The Joint


The Rat Pack at the Desert Inn gave way to Elvis at the International who gave way to Celine at Caesars who gave way to … Mötley Crüe at The Joint in the Hard Rock? OK, so one of these things definitely is not like the others—which is pretty much how the Crüe and The Joint prefer to roll: outcasts marching to the beat of their own double-bass drum. So it was a no-brainer that the Hard Rock decided to hire Nikki Sixx and Co. for Las Vegas’ first rock ’n’ roll residency back in February 2012. And after the three-week residency proved a huge hit, it was even more of a no-brainer that the Hard Rock would bring them back for an encore this fall (Mötley returns for An Evening in Hell, Sept. 18-Oct. 6). Don’t forget that in between the Crüe’s gigs, The Joint turned its keys over to Guns N’ Roses and Def Leppard, both of whom also staged successful multi-week runs. That’s right: Some three decades after Mötley Crüe gave birth to the hair-metal genre, they’re ushering it into its twilight years, right here in our little desert. You better believe we’ll raise a can of Aqua Net (and our tops) to that!

Tickets start at $45.50.