Best Nightclub VIP Host

Padraic Breeze


What makes a great nightclub host so great? For Padraic Breeze, senior VIP host for XS, Tryst and Botero, it starts with reliability. He replies quickly and positively. Whether it’s for you or just your friends, it’s always affirmative. In fact he’ll take care of your friends without even knowing they’re your friends, no intro needed. He’s the host you trust to take care of your girlfriends. Want a table? No gauging or “$300 handshake” tip-racketeer here. He’ll greet you at the rope and make you look good in front of your crew. He’ll write up your slip and walk you in. Maybe it’s his British roots or maybe it was because he was raised in the friendly Northwest—either way, he gets bonus points for being a VIP veteran with a notably absent ego.

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