Best Nightlife Secret

Leverage Your Meal Ticket Into Your Nightlife Ticket


You’re going to eat dinner anyway—you’d better if a long night of drinking and dancing is on the itinerary. So why not leverage your meal ticket into your nightlife ticket? A deep nod of gratitude goes first to Tao and Lavo for offering years ago to escort hotties and partiers from dinner table to dance floor. Today, you can find other nightclubs hopping on board. Want to hit Surrender? Eat at Andrea’s. For 1 Oak, eat at Stack. If you’re headed to The Bank, start at Yellowtail or Fix. Hakkasan? Eat at Hakkasan. You’ll still pay cover, but get to skip the line. Take a tip from the locals: Start your night with a great meal (there might even be a DJ in your restaurant!) and avoid the hassles often associated with getting into the top clubs.

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Jason Strauss


Jason Strauss

The tastemaker and nightlife impresario is a partner of Tao Group, a leading restaurant and nightlife company that develops, owns and operates numerous high-profile food and beverage facilities nationwide, including Tao, Lavo and Marquee. Along with his partners, Strauss was named Hospitality Operator of the Year by Nightclub & Bar in 2006, and their work with Marquee has been profiled as a case study by Harvard Business School.