Best Use of the Natural Landscape in a Park

Charlie Frias Park



For years, the more curious and wide-eyed among Las Vegas kids would sit up a little higher in the back seat when Mom drove down Tropicana Avenue past Decatur Boulevard. There we caught a glimpse of some other world, one from long ago: a world of cowboys or, heck, dinosaurs. Right in the middle of the city were elephantine dunes and jagged cliffs plummeting down toward a sandy basin. The place seemed oddly glorious, not only because it had not been built upon, but because, from the looks of things, it would be impossible to ever build upon. Alas, in 2011 the construction equipment rolled in, and, if you didn’t stop to do your research, it seemed that we were bound for yet another office park or gentlemen’s club. What we got instead in fall 2012 was the glorious Charlie Frias Park, which honors the land rather than obliterating it. Those dunes and cliffs now surround one of the most beautiful soccer/football/running-around-with-your-dog pitches in the whole Valley. And then you can ascend and walk the trails along the cliffs, zooming your gaze in just enough to glimpse the ancient space that was.

4801 S. Decatur Blvd.

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