Dos Caminos Closes (Again). Is Upscale Mexican on the Wane?

This week, New York-based restaurant company BR Guest announced the closure of its Summerlin restaurant, Dos Caminos, after a run lasting only a few months. The company also has Fiamma in MGM Grand and a number of concepts in New York City, but the Dos Caminos brand here has been troubled from the start. After decamping from a huge location in the Palazzo, it was unclear whether the brand would resurface here, but resurface it did, in a space formerly home to Agave on West Charleston.

One might be tempted to say that the location was less than ideal, but the reality is probably closer to this: In a decade where fine dining is taking a back seat to casual dining, and where chefs are scrambling to reduce their check averages, do we really need a Mexican restaurant that charges upwards of $20 for an entrée? Apparently not.

Las Vegas is one of the best American cities for tacos, burritos and good Mexican cooking for less than $5 per person, thanks to a sizable Latino population and our proximity to Mexico. Isla at Treasure Island is gone, and Diego, the Strip’s only remaining upscale Mexican restaurant, isn’t exactly a tough table. And while we still have Border Grill at Mandalay Bay, and La Comida Downtown, high-concept Mexican is definitely in a down cycle.

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