Weekend Kombat: Bruno Mars vs. First Friday

kombat0802.jpgEverybody has hard choices to make about how they’re going to spend their weekend. Some choices are harder than others. This week’s showdown: Croony, piano-wielding balladeer Bruno Mars vs. a snow-themed edition of First Friday that also features a local music showcase for Life is Beautiful. FIGHT!

&nbsp Bruno Mars First Friday
What: Pompadoured, sensitive singer/songwriter who also is unreasonably excited about laziness. Full-on First Friday snow-themed explosion AntARTica, that also has us unreasonably excited about (styrofoam) penguins. Still! Penguins! . Advantage: Friday.
When/where: MGM Grand Garden Arena, followed by a club appearance at Tao Saturday night. All over Downtown, tonight. Advantage: Friday.
Champion of: Self-destructive love affairs. Street drinking in the vicinity of art. Advantage: Friday.
Run in with the law: Doing blow in a Hard Rock bathroom. A spate of open-container tickets. Advantage: Mars.
Oh come on: “I’d catch a grenade for you/Throw my hand on a blade for you/I’d jump in front of a train for you.” The styrofoam-carving workshop needs two parts. Advantage: Friday.
Can’t wait for: The flood of love-struck girls pouring out of the arena and prowling Tao for a second-best option. Glaciers! Even fake ones–we’ll take it at this point. Advantage: Push.

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