Take it Outside—in October

August is Vegas at its worst, highlighting air conditioning as the city's most important piece of tech


Willis Carrier, patron saint of Las Vegas.

What is the best month for an outdoor event in Las Vegas?

Not August. July might be the hottest month of the year by average, but August makes up for its one or two degrees of relief by adding sticky sweat to the mix. Monsoon season isn’t just hot, it’s sweltering. Nothing ruins a party dress and a fancy blowout like 110 degrees paired with 60 percent humidity—except, perhaps, a bone-chilling downpour in February, our wettest month, or a dry 90 degrees combined with dusty 45-mph winds in May, (We know you won’t listen, but outdoor spring events are a crapshoot in a city where the house usually wins.)

June is our driest month and the first of summer vacation, so for many a June wedding sounds ideal. Keep in mind: Lingering daytime winds and hot days mean June is best suited to casual twilight events where linen suits and spaghetti straps transition comfortably into evening.

The best month to be outdoors in Las Vegas is October. Daytime highs start the month in the ideal mid-70s, and then head into November in the low-to-mid-60s. The air is mostly dry and cloudless, there is typically no wind, and nights are pleasantly cool and starry. What could be better?

Was the slot machine the most important invention in the history of Las Vegas?

Given the popularity of the slot machine (and its cousin, the video-poker machine), and how much casino-floor real estate they inhabit today, one might make the argument about that late-1800s invention. However, if it weren’t for another invention, the slots wouldn’t be nearly as profitable.

You can thank Willis H. Carrier—and you should. He stumbled upon the concept of modern air conditioning in 1902, and as you might imagine, the spread of air-con helped make Las Vegas a far more hospitable place to live and play. In its early days, AC was too pricey to be found in homes, so in most places, folks visited air-conditioned movie theaters to stay cool during the dog days of summer. You can imagine which businesses were among the first in Las Vegas to offer the comfort of AC to their patrons …