Concert Review: The Flaming Lips

House of Blues, August 1

Dressed in an iridescent turquoise suit, master puppeteer Wayne Coyne climbed atop his silver atomic ball pedestal and cradled a baby doll as the band opened with the gloomy “Look…The Sun is Rising,” off their 15th studio album, The Terror.

This new effort takes their futuristic vibe into a darker place. The usually whimsical “Race for the Prize,” was played much slower, making the eruptive climax surprising. For “Turning Violent,” the lights grew dim sans a blue hue over the keyboardist’s’ piercing angelic falsetto transported us to another world. During the encore, Coyne conducted the makeshift choir for “Do You Realize?”.

Not in any way less trippy, this tour offered updates on the Lips’ live antics. Coyne’s transparent bubble was replaced with him swinging a lantern. There were colossal LEDs of a monstrous eye, ample confetti cannons and video loops of naked women dancing in space.

Ending on a dismal if not contemplative note with “Always There…In Our Hearts,” the Lips retreated into the abyss of anti-pop obscurity, leaving the crowd bewildered but with a slightly better understanding of their absurdity. ★★★★☆

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