Hot Tips for Cool Paws


It seems like summer’s been pounding down on our pavement forever, but we’ve still got several scorching weeks left. That’s tough on you, but it’s doubly hard for your dog. Here are some tips to keep both of you active during … well, the dog days.

• Head to cooler elevations, such as Mount Charleston or Red Rock, where there are plenty of dog-friendly trails (a good resource for these is Best Hikes With Dogs by Kimberly Lewis and Paula Jacoby-Garrett).

• If you can’t get out of town, get out early—before the sun is fully up. Shoot for being home before the mercury hits
90 degrees.

• If neither of those is an option, find a dog park with plenty of shade and a water source. Bring your own collapsible water bowl, just
in case.

• As a last resort, take Spot out for a casual stroll after the sun goes down. The concrete will have cooled off by then, but it’s still a good idea to have water on hand.


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