Britney Spears Joins Meatball Spot; Carla Pellegrino Moves On

There’s more action in the musical chairs game involving local chefs and restaurants, with the news that Carla Pellegrino, erstwhile TV chef and proprietor at Bratalian, has left Meatball Spot, the popular meatballs and pizza joint in Town Square. Reached by phone, Pellegrino told me, “I fulfilled my one-year contract with them, and we remain friends.” She then went on to say that she’s planning to devote more time to Bratalian, and possibly open a second restaurant locally.

Meatball Spot, meanwhile, is undergoing major changes itself. Shortly after the chef and I spoke, I received the news that the Town Square location had abruptly shuttered. Wow. That didn’t take long.

But fans of the restaurant need not despair. In October a new location, more fast casual, will open in Planet Hollywood and three others—two in Los Angeles—are in the works. Britney Spears joins the restaurant as a partner to Tom Racine and Charissa Davidovici.

I crave the meatball grinders, pizzas, and gooey milkshakes, so the expansion is good news from where I sit.

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