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Palms nightclub makeover focuses on comfort and views, jettisons space-age vibe


Ghostbar is the latest venue to undergo a serious facelift in the Palms. Unlike celebrities who do the same, 9Group’s boutique nightclub actually wants you to notice it’s had some work done. Before it went dark on July 7, Ghostbar was known for its futuristic feel: filled with modular furniture in metallic hues that made it a suitable substitute for anyone who’s dreamt of space travel. But when it opens—either on August 12 or 13, depending on construction—it will emerge almost unrecognizable. The same minds behind the Palms’ reported $50 million property remodel (including Klai Juba architects, who redesigned the Ivory Tower guest rooms) have revived the venue with contemporary features that allow for a more flexible use of space.

Popping off against white walls, accents such as fuchsia and black damask patterned carpets, silver chandeliers and a fireplace filled with candles evoke an upscale, but comfortable, living space that any Real Housewife would be proud to call her own. Television screens installed behind the bar will be used to display partygoers’ tweets and corporate logos or videos when the room is rented out for private events. Still hugged by the 14-foot tall, undraped windows, the indoor lounge now favors fewer tables and more floor space, while the terrace has been decked out with cushioned bench-style seating that offers a better Strip view than the former inward-facing booths. And rest assured: The famous Plexiglas “hole” in the balcony’s floor remains.

Now that it’s outfitted for modern times, Ghostbar will soon resume its nightly schedule with a grand opening party in the works for later this month. As for 9Group, the revamping rolls on with plans to make over its steakhouse in November.

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