Bartolotta to Undergo Multimillion-Dollar Refresh

Despite rumors that Paul Bartolotta may leave Wynn to pursue opening a restaurant in Manhattan, sources close to Bartolotta say this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although the Italian seafood master was not in when we recently stopped by his eponymous restaurant (apparently he was cooking for every seated governor at their annual convention in Milwaukee, where he operates several other Italian eateries), sources said he has no plans to decamp anytime soon.

Word is the resort is actually planning a multimillion-dollar refresh of the popular restaurant. The restaurant will temporarily shutter in about two months, sources said, for a quick renovation that should be completed before the busy winter holiday period.

Update: Wynn has since confirmed Bartolotta will close Nov. 3 for the refurbishment, and reopen on Dec. 21. Wing Lei, the Chinese restaurant inside Wynn, will also get a makeover, closing Oct. 8 and reopening Dec. 21.