Concert Review: Habit

Beauty Bar, August 10

Habit evoked a comfort level few touring bands can challenge. The five-piece act knew the turf because they live in Las Vegas, resulting in an intimate performance on an inviting summer night.

Habit emerged from small venues such as Yayo Taco in 2011. And now with the summer release of their first full-length album, Long Run, these regular-dude rockers have cemented their following. Habit accomplished a balance of sound, harmonizing delicate melancholy and layered, alt-aggression. Frontman Chasen Mobley’s deep, heavy croon led the audience down a road of sweet sorrow, most notably on “She Must Be in the Water Now.” The band wrapped up with their most earworm worthy tune, “Dead Guy Jive.” Although they still have a long way to go, we’d already like to make Habit a habit. ★★★☆☆

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