Concert Review: Mac Miller

House of Blues, August 8


Photo by Myron Hensel | Mac Miller performs at House of Blues, August 8, 2013.

Mac Miller, 21-year-old kid rapper and party prankster, shared his desire to change the world before launching into the lyrics of “Gees,” calling himself an “ig’nant ass white kid.” These conflicted moments, that of a young musician flirting with the idea of adulthood, defined the concert. Shooting off sharp rhymes about recreational drug use, he bounced about the stage so vigorously that one of his neon orange sneakers came untied mid-song. He later sacrificed clean delivery to demonstrate his range, switching between drums, keyboard and guitar, and singing short, off-key bursts in between bars. But his most impressive musical effort came during “The Question,” when he swung the guitar behind his neck and blindly plucked a bluesy riff that transformed his party-rap record into a soulful example of showmanship. Miller’s wailing on “Youforia,” from his recent LP Watching Movies With the Sound Off, came across as artistically self-indulgent, but he commanded the stage with fast flow on his 2011 breakout track “Donald Trump.” Still, his reach outside of lighthearted rap showed the promise of increased depth as he and his fans mature. ★★★☆☆

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