Tour Buzz: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Courtney Love and Gogol Bordello


Yeah Yeah Yeahs

SACRILEGE, HE WROTE: First things first. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are scheduled to play a poolside show at the Cosmopolitan on August 19 ($34). I have nothing but nice things to say about this band: After all, “Sacrilege” is one of my favorite songs of 2013, and I never tire of looking at Karen O’s bob hairdo. Having dispensed with the necessary plug, I now ask you to consider Har Mar Superstar, who’s opening the show. I honestly can’t remember if Har Mar—born Sean Tillmann—has ever performed in Las Vegas, but I tell you now, this town has been waiting for him. He looks like Ron Jeremy’s younger (and skinnier) brother, performs his acrobatic sets in his underwear and has recorded, in “Power Lunch,” what may be the sexiest-ever song about deductible meals. Several years ago, at a Seattle show, I actually saw him dig around in his underpants and extract what he claimed was a pubic hair, which he flicked into the crowd. That’s real Sin City showmanship, right there. I’ve made up my mind: I’m adding Har Mar Superstar to my list of artists who should have Vegas residencies, alongside Social Distortion, Billy Idol and the woman I’m about to talk about in the next part of this column.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love

LOVE IN VEGAS: I’m going to tell you a very, very abbreviated version of my Courtney Love story, on the occasion of her show at Vinyl on August 22-23 ($35-$47). When her band Hole played the Huntridge Theater in 1994, I was asked to drive Love back to her hotel after rehearsal. We shot the breeze, and I casually mentioned that Nine Inch Nails had played the venue earlier that year. She scoffed at the mention. Later, and just before she stomped off only six songs into Hole’s set, she rebuked the crowd thus: “You’re more of a Nine Inch Nails crowd, anyway.” That’s a legitimately great mic-drop moment, based on a joke that only one guy in the audience would get. For that reason, we need to book Love into Caesars, on a full-time basis. She understands this town as Celine never will.

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello

NOW ON SALE: I’m going to play this card, which I don’t do often: If you’ve never seen Gogol Bordello perform live, you need to see this wild gypsy folk/punk hybrid poolside at the Cosmopolitan on October 12 ($35). They put on what is easily one of the five most energetic shows I’ve ever seen. Every damn one of us will end up in that pool by the end.

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