Glasvegas, “If”

The influence of the Killers’ retro-rock has reached Glasgow, Scotland. There, “indie-rock” group Glasvegas crafts yester-pop full of chiming guitars and pounding drums. The video for the first single from their forthcoming album evokes bygone days. The analog cinematography evokes The Old Grey Whistle Test, an old British music TV show. The appropriation of vintage BBC—warm stage lighting, odd camera zooms, glitchy edits—is likely nostalgic for Brits who grew up watching post-punk acts. Everyone else may wonder: Why’s this so janky? ★★★☆

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Warpop Party, Christian Glam, Cavemen Riffs

By Jarret Keene

The show that everyone—Las Vegas folks who love live rock music, anyway—keeps texting me about is Candy Warpop’s CD-release party at 8 p.m. August 15 at Triple B. The new album, financed via Kickstarter and released digitally two weeks ago, is called Transdecadence. This time, Warpop isn’t as sugary, moving in a gothier direction. This might be because of singer Amy Pate, whose bluesy voice adds grit to a band I’d always thought sounded a bit Britpop.