The Wanted Join the Boy (Bands) of Summer

thewanted2.jpgThe summer months bring many things: Days that stretch on forever, carefree nights, ball games, hot-dog eating contests, a seemingly endless string of weekend picnics and the massive, downright frightening onslaught of boy bands invading various theaters and arenas around town.

The first stirrings in the wind came March 1 with the announcement of a Boyz II Men residency at The Mirage. Then it was just an innocuous Jonas Brothers show at the Miss USA pageant June 15 before the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys tour landed July 6. Even Color Me Badd crawled out of whatever neon-vest-wearing, The Grind-watching rock they’d been living under and played Bagatelle on July 26.

One Direction offered a modern take August 1 and 2. For the love of God, even the Monkees stopped by Green Valley Ranch on August 10.

Finally, summoned by the same type of inexplicable, but undeniable, primal urge that drives salmon hundreds of miles upstream to spawn and die, The Wanted clocked in at the Cosmopolitan’s Boulevard Pool on August 9.

The fellas followed the concert with a trip to Marquee, where they took bunches of pictures with various ladies. The next evening, they all went to Tao, where they celebrated band member Max George’s brother’s birthday.

Unverified reports from field biologists over the weekend claim that Menudo and O-Town stopped their savannah grazing and suddenly thundered west in hopes of joining the larger herd to be better protected against natural predators.

Mr. Ex-Britney Spears Walks Down Another Aisle

If only Kevin Federline could’ve worked a little harder on his marriage to Britney Spears, maybe he could have had a future as a Meatball Spot manager. But there’s no use in dwelling on the past. K-Fed took a second whack at marriage August 10, when he got hitched to Victoria Prince, reportedly at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Federline has a daughter, Jordan Kay, with Prince. Plus he has the two kids with Spears and two more with Shar Jackson, which officially makes him the Antonio Cromartie of the former-backup-dancer world. Like Spears, Prince (a former college volleyball player) is vastly more attractive than K-Fed, which is entirely infuriating. It’s like he went to the Ric Ocasek School of Unlikely Dating. He’s as good at falling up as he is at knocking up, which we guess makes him also the Tim Tebow of the former-backup-dancer world.

Another one for the road

One rumor going around about the iHeartRadio festival September 20-21 at MGM Grand Garden Arena has Paul McCartney negotiating a spot on the bill. Who knew you could burn through all that Abbey Road money in just 44 short years? … Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was at Tao on August 10 to spin a few tracks with DJ Vice, including her new release “Exotic,” which features Pitbull. It’s good of her to open up a whole new market of people for Pitbull to annoy. Soon he’ll just be down to Japanese soldiers living in caves on islands who think World War II is still going on. … Mike Tyson and Don King were inducted into the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame on August 10. Tyson celebrated by going to see Boyz II Men, proving not even the hardest, toughest of men can resist the Summer of Boy Bands.


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