How Bluefields Will Save Your Rec League

One day, when he was 17 years old, United Kingdom-born Andrew Crump tried to organize a friendly pickup soccer game at the park with a group of friends. What followed was a logistical disaster; there was confusion over the time and location, over which friends could play, and over who was bringing what equipment.

The result was an empty pitch. But while Crump’s footy dreams may have been dashed for the day, the burgeoning entrepreneur in him had an idea.

“I massively underestimated the requirements of organizing a full-scale game, even among friends,” says Crump. “So I looked online and realized that there wasn’t a solution.

“That’s when I realized organization at the recreational level wasn’t being served by the technology that was available.”

Eleven years later, Crump is trying to bring a sense of organization to recreational sports leagues through his website, Bluefields. The site allows people to form leagues and input all their information — schedules, team rosters, venues, contact info, you name it — to the Bluefields servers.

Bluefields users can now easily keep track of the logistical concerns that swallow unorganized leagues. For anyone who has ever been part of a poorly-run rec league, this site definitely serves a useful purpose.

Crump launched a similar site in the U.K. in 2011, but has since relocated his offices (Bluefields counts nine employees) to the emerging tech culture of Downtown Las Vegas.

Crump says he moved stateside in pursuit of a larger market.

“Recreational sports is massive here in the U.S.,” Crump said. “We had an office in London, but we realized this is the right market for us.”

Bluefields has been active since February of this year, but its full-scale launch is set for September. The league-building app should have some new features by then, including automatic mobile alerts. The cost of using the site varies depending on the size of the league, with an approximate price tag of $15.

The most popular sport on Bluefields so far has been soccer, but the site is equipped to handle just about any league. Crump is confident that it will catch on with all kinds of recreational sports players.

“The one that people have gravitated toward has been soccer,” he said, “but we’ve also seen some random ones—cycling teams, running teams. So as we start to provide more features, I think we’ll see more traction with other sports.”