National Bacon Day: This Menu Could Change Your Life (And Possibly Your Religion)

We here at Vegas Seven don’t just celebrate any holiday that comes along on the calendar. But National Bacon Day gets a pass. Obviously. Running August 29-31 at Comme Ça in the Cosmopolitan, “Brian’s Bacon Menu” is a $59 3-course prix fixe lineup of piggy eats. Because that’s how chef Brian Howard rolls.

First Course: Lightly smoked kurobuta pork tartare with chicharrón and marinated plum-bacon vinaigrette ($16 a la carte).

You read that right: pork tartare. But if you’re freaking out, it’s because you skipped the “lightly smoked” part. Start over, please.

Second Course: Bacon-wrapped bone-in pork chop with grilled romaine hearts, ember-roasted tomato and black garlic ranch ($32).

Because everything tastes better wrapped in bacon. Even Especially pork.

Dessert: Bacon Trio—Butterscotch and bacon pot de crème with chocolate-dipped smoked bacon and bacon Cronets ($14).

Cronets? We had to inquire. “A Cronet (cron-AY) is a cross between a croissant and beignets, similar to a Cronut,” says a rep. It’s a Detroit thing, very hipster-trendy … Of course, not as hipster-trendy as BACON. Nice try, Cronets.

Cocktail: Praise the Lard and Pass the Bacon—Bourbon infused with bacon, honey, lemon and Amaro Nonino, topped with an Ardbeg float and garnished with a bacon lardon ($15).

Served, of course, in the Holy Grail. We make our reservation and we say, “Amen.”