Tyson: ‘I Won’t Survive if I Don’t Get Help’

Ex-Heavyweight champ from Henderson talks on 'Today Show' about being 'vicious alcoholic'


Less than one week after admitting to having suicidal thoughts, Mike Tyson talked more about his recent struggles during an exclusive interview with Matt Lauer on the Today Show in New York.

Tyson told Lauer about his struggle with abusing alcohol, saying he has been sober for 12 days and how tough it’s been. “I won’t survive if I don’t get help,” he said.

While being sober, Tyson told Lauer: “I’m mean and irritable. It’s a real challenge because I don’t know if I like this sober guy. It’s hard for me to live normal. Living a straight life is hard.”

The former heavyweight boxing champion from Henderson was making his first public comments since a press conference Aug. 23 in which Tyson said he was a “vicious alcoholic” and was “on the verge of dying.” Tyson, 47, said that when drunk, “Sometimes I don’t wanna live no more.”

Tyson, however, is finding reasons to stay sober.

He has a new show, Being Mike Tyson, which premieres on Fox Sports 1 on Sept. 22. Also, his HBO show Undisputed Truth and a memoir of the same name will land in November.

Tyson told Lauer he has tried to come to grips with his personal pain. “No one failed more than I did,” Tyson said. “Nobody’s seen more than I’ve seen. I’m the king of the barbarians. There’s no one that could surpass me, and the pain I’ve endured. But I can deal with it. I can handle it.”

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