Tour Buzz: Iron Maiden, Minus the Bear and Adam Ant

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

IRON RESOLVE: Listen up, all up-and-coming bands trying to make your mark in the music business: The next time your manager tries to tell you to do something you don’t want to do, smack that chump upside the head with the example of Iron Maiden, the venerable British metal band that’s scheduled to play Mandalay Bay on September 12 ($50-$90). Maiden didn’t get hits on the radio, put videos on MTV or make a butt-load of saccharine power ballads aimed at courting female listeners. And their mascot “Eddie,” a character who appears on all their album covers and most of their merchandise, is a skinned, zombie-like grotesque. Now, here’s the part you’ll like: According to a September 2010 piece inThe New York Times, Iron Maiden has sold more than 85 million records worldwide over the course of a three-plus decade career. I can’t tell you what their secret is, but if I were to make a guess, I’d say it’s because they’ve never chased trends. Also, they rock almost impossibly hard.

IN THE WOODS: Speaking of musical integrity, I have to applaudMinus the Bear—playing poolside at the Cosmopolitan on September 12 ($20)—for following its muse since 2001, even when it’s led them into the wilderness of progressive rock, and to actually title a song “Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse.” These guys are all right, you know? I mean, they’ll never sell as many records as Iron Maiden ’cos they’re kinda freaky weird, but they’re staying the course, and their propulsive rhythms and chiming guitars are gonna sound great ricocheting off the Cosmo’s towers.

NOW ON SALE: Good news, New Romantics! The stalwart Adam Ant is once again dressing like a pirate and ravaging the colonies, and he’s coming to lay siege to Hard Rock Live on September 20 ($33). Now in his 50s but still energetic and in great voice, Ant performs with a tight and loud five-piece band that rips through his early material as if it were being performed for the first time. Expect to hear blistering versions of “Stand and Deliver,” “Dog Eat Dog,” “Car Trouble,” “Physical,” “Antmusic” and more. Ant even transforms his lackluster 1990s songs— “Room at the Top” and “Physical,” in particular—into driving rockers. Plus, he dresses like a damn pirate, and pulls it off. I can’t do that.

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