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Gavin DeGraw headlines the Wine Amplified Weekend Sept. 6 with Collective Soul.

Gavin DeGraw headlines the Wine Amplified Weekend Sept. 6 with Collective Soul.

Thursday, Sept. 5
Bob Miller, the state’s longest-serving governor (1989-99), recently published a book about his life titled Son of a Gambling Man. Miller has been intertwined with the rise of Las Vegas since his father moved the family here from Chicago when Miller was a boy. He’ll read from his book at 7 p.m. at the Clark County Library, as part of the Vegas Valley Book Festival’s pre-festival slate of events.
Friday, Sept. 6
Wine, a beach and rock ’n’ roll. It’s the eighth annual Wine Amplified Weekend at Mandalay Bay, and it features music by Collective Soul and Gavin DeGraw, 150 wines by 50 wineries and a beach by Mandalay Bay. Tickets for today are $55, and tickets for Saturday are $65.
Saturday, Sept. 7
Perhaps you’re not aware of this, but UNLV has a football team, too. Yes, said team went 2-11 last year, but hope springs eternal, and hope is what the fans have to cling to at the Rebels’ home opener tonight against Arizona, 7:30 p.m. at Sam Boyd Stadium. $20-$50,
Sunday, Sept. 8
OK, so yesterday was actually the day Brazilians celebrated their 1822 independence from Portugal. Don’t be such a stickler. You want to party or not? Get yourself over to Via Brasil Steakhouse, 1225 S. Fort Apache Road, for a celebration of Brazilian independence day, featuring samba dancers, fire breathers, face painters, food, music and more. Tickets start at $5.

Monday, Sept. 9
At 78 years old, artist and musician Llyn Foulkes is a tour de force. His paintings are whimsical and disturbing, and his music is innovative and cacophonous (he plays an instrument of his own design called the Machine). Best of all, he takes none of it too seriously. “I just want to have fun and people like my stuff. That’s all,” he once told the Los Angeles Times. Foulkes is a guest lecturer at 7 p.m. tonight at UNLV’s Marjorie Barrick Museum.
Tuesday, Sept. 10
Time once again for the San Gennaro Feast, which starts today and continues through Sept. 15 at 4245 S. Grand Canyon Dr. It features Italian food, music, dancing, rides, the whole canoli. But didn’t we just do this in May? Yes we did. This is a twice-yearly event dedicated to the Italian bishop who lost his head for his faith. Admission is $7 for adults, $5 for seniors.
Wednesday, Sept. 11
You’re not in Kansas anymore (thank God); you’re in Las Vegas, home of The Smith Center, which will stage Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of The Wizard of Oz from Sept. 10-15. Even though you know the story, they’ve juiced the music and the effects. You’ll want to see this one. Tickets $26-$129,