Don’t Despair! Seven Bad Lists Las Vegas Didn’t Make

We're not the worst dressed, or the worst to drive in, surprisingly


Tired of seeing your hometown turn up on every list of bad statistics? Us, too. So here’s the good news:

• Las Vegas is not one of the worst 15 cities in which to have a baby, according to The Daily Beast. New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Portland, Oregon, all made the worst list. So go ahead, make babies.

• Las Vegas is not one of the 10 worst cities to drive in, according to an August report by Allstate based on accident rates. Washington, D.C., Miami and San Francisco all made the worst list. Remember this when sitting in the Spaghetti Bowl.

• Las Vegas is not one of the FBI’s top 10 most violent cities, based on crime stats for 2012. Flint, Michigan, takes highest honors, followed by Detroit and Oakland. Nothing funny about that.

• Las Vegas is not one of the top 10 worst cities for allergy sufferers. Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, Tennessee, and Oklahoma City all made that list. Gesundheit!

• Las Vegas is not one of the top 10 worst-dressed cities in the U.S. What do you think of our short skirts and leisure suits now, Wichita, Kansas? (The No. 1 worst-dressed city.) How about you, Colorado Springs (No. 2)? Anybody in El Paso (No. 3) want to talk trash?

• Las Vegas is not one of the world’s top 10 ugliest cities, according to That’s right. You know which American cities made the list? Houston. Los Angeles. Detroit. Not Vegas. Nope. Not ugly.

• Thanks to being part of the good-ol’ USA, Sin City is nowhere near being one of the world’s worst places to be religious, according to We’re all about religious freedom! So if you’re devout, be glad you don’t live in Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan or Uzbekistan, which the U.S. State Department lists as “Countries of Particular Concern” for religious oppression.