Eat These Blogs


Don’t trust the critics? Check out these blogs to learn about the best local eats.

Clint, an art director who only publishes under his first name, admits he’s no culinary expert, but he is a food-porn addict, and his blog Bite & Switch has the tantalizing pics to prove it. But what makes this blog particularly great, beyond the honest reviews, is the plethora of information posted about our local eats. Clint blogs often and thoroughly, and his recently redesigned site is a breeze to navigate. Bite & Switch also has an extensive “Best Of” list that includes an array of categories such as the best buffets, crab cakes and 30 local gems to try.

The perfect burger is out there somewhere, and burger connoisseur Erik Chudy means to find it. Scoring burgers on a scale of 100, where anything above 90 means burger heaven (RM Seafood’s burger at Mandalay Bay recently made the cut,) this local architect has the beef at Vegas Burger Blog. This is your best dedicated source for the scoop on the Valley’s best burgers. Chudy’s posts are thoughtful and thorough. No time for blog browsing? Chudy has a Vegas Burger Blog app to point you to the best beef in your path as you travel the

According to Michelle Wong, who blogs about her love of food at Cravings of a Fat Girl, “Droogling” means to physically salivate over a menu. Wong’s COAFG-isms are just one unique trait of this fun and personality-filled blog, where you’ll find gorgeous food photos and reviews of local restaurants (Wong doesn’t comment on service—the food is her priority) alongside video footage of critters “nomming” cucumbers and watermelons. Oh, and she’s a “texture whore” (her words), so she’ll steer you clear of all things soggy.

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