CD Reviews: Krewella, Angger Dimas and Mischa Daniels


Krewella Get Wet (Columbia)

Catchy yet saccharine, generic partying anthems perfect for the mass consumer to chant along to, that’s Get Wet. Take “I’m gonna do whatever I want … I’ll sleep when I’m dead” on “Live for the Night.” Or “If we go down”—yup, you guessed it—“we all go down together.” Such originality! (If there was a sarcasm font, it’d be in full effect right now.) Sadly, the obvious hooks and whiny vocals on this debut LP are the only thing that stand out among aggressive electro beats and too many layers of noise mixed with dubstep breakdowns (and an attempt to add depth with some piano and guitar interludes) that meld together and make you wonder if you already heard that song. Twelve-to-21-year-olds/n00b EDM fans will eat this up; I’d rather stick a fork in my ear. ★☆☆☆☆


Angger Dimas Angger Management (Dim Mak)

Get ready for a fun adventure in music where you never know what surprises will be thrown at you with each subsequent track. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, DJ/producer Angger Dimas’ debut LP is exploding with versatility and tracks that range anywhere from face-melting to heartbreaking. There’s a dancehall vibe on “Good Stuff”; the beautiful “Release Me” featuring Polina; some breakbeats on “Boom Do It Like That”; heart-pounding hardstyle on “123”; vocal house and hands-in-the-air on “More Than Just a Feeling”; plus a bit of trap, electro, pop and—well, if it’s a style of electronic music, you can pretty much find a track you’ll dig on Angger Management. ★★★☆☆


Mischa Daniels Let’s Connect Tonight (Armada)

Electronic music used to have emotions, soulful grooves and take you on a journey. Now it’s just bang out some three-minute beats and partying lyrics about getting fucked up. “Partied All Night,” the first track from Mischa Daniels’ first LP launches the listener into “this again?” mode. Littered with hip-hop rhymes and weak hooks over synth-y builds and drops, “#FML” (and honestly the whole album) sounds like another one of those bandwagoning tracks cranked out for some of that sweet EDM cash and ultimately feels hollow. Will it make you move? Probably. Will you remember it? Nah. If only this onslaught of producers would want to innovate instead of regurgitate. ★☆☆☆☆

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