Concert Review: Love Hate Away

Beauty Bar, Sept. 14


Local quintet Love Hate Away delivered whimsical music with a minimalistic approach. Although the pungent scent of cigarette smoke wafted between the walls, singer Christiana Chavez’s subtle rasp, coupled with the band’s reggae-tinged rhythms, conjured the freshness of seaside air. A slow, mid-set standout, “Wasted World,” saw Chavez singing eyes-closed, swaying onstage so enchantingly that the initial numbers felt tepid by comparison. Later on the bouncy, ska-inspired “Crazy About You,” Chavez repeatedly gushed the title line, guiding minds through the open lyric, allowing us to wander around our own “crazy” feelings of infatuation. Chavez punctuated the performance rarely and briefly, spurting quick plugs for the band’s demo and the forthcoming acts, leaving us wistful only for a stronger sense of their personalities as they glided from one dreamy track to the next. ★★★☆☆

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