The Act to Push Case Against Venetian

Photo by Amit Dadlaney |

Photo by Amit Dadlaney |

A court ordered The Act to tone down its performances, but that doesn’t appear to be the end of the legal drama between the nightclub and The Venetian.

An October 3 hearing is set in Clark County District Court over the issue of a $1 million on-property advertising credit, stemming from the closing of VV Ventures’ other two Venetian/Palazzo properties, Rattlecan and First Food & Bar. Also at issue is what the club said was the sudden removal of signage and implementation of restrictions on customers using elevators and valet services in regard to the club.

The Act couldn’t confirm what the nature of the changes would be to its performances, but did say they’ve already taken steps to come into compliance. The eviction issue is completely dead, according to The Act, and the club isn’t seeking to modify or shorten its five-year lease in any way.

There’s still an issue of the damages the club was seeking, though. A spokeswoman for The Act said, “A jury will decide those issues after a full trial on a the merits.” It wasn’t immediately clear when that jury trial might take place, or if a settlement would be reached before trial. The Venetian hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.



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