For Goodness, Baked

Protein-packed Beefcakes are as healthful as they are delicious


Health nuts and sweet-tooths, rejoice! Las Vegas-based Manbake has answered the prayers of both parties with protein-packed, gluten-free, vegetarian and carb-conscious baked goods that won’t jeopardize all that hard work at the gym or the week’s calorie count. The local baker’s recipe is chock-full of super foods that satisfy. Made with a proprietary protein powder, chia and flax seeds, coconut oil and almond milk, the company’s Beefcakes mini muffins are “perfect before or after workouts or in between meals, satisfying that snack sensation and supplying nutrients until your next proper meal,” owner Seth Lagana says.

Less than a year ago, Lagana was a waiter who needed protein-laden snacks to keep him full while he worked. However, nothing on the market met his needs, so he took to the kitchen, experimenting until he found the perfect combination of ingredients. Today, those are Manbake’s signature Beefcakes, which are available in five familiar flavors: sweet-potato pecan pie, coconut almond fudge, carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter (Manbake’s most popular variety) and the company’s latest flavor, cinnamon bun.

“We wanted to make baked goods more progressive, utilizing modern ingredients that have more nutritional values in them,” Lagana says. “The Beefcakes have been really popular, and now we’re in the process of expanding to other products.” In the coming months, Manbake expects to debut a line of nut butters infused with chia, flax and hemp seeds. In the meantime, Manbake’s Beefcakes can be found for $5 per package of three at Greens & Proteins, Grouchy John’s Coffee, Las Vegas Athletic Club juice bars, Las Vegas Nutrition Centers and Freddie’s Nutrition locations.


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