OU81 Gives Nutritional Bars a Run For Their Money


Goodbye, delicious-sounding peanut butter chocolate nutritional bars that taste like chocolate-dipped cardboard. Local company OU81 (pronounced “Oh, you ate one!”; OU81Bite.com) offers a bar that actually tastes good and doesn’t take an inventory of unpronounceable ingredients to make it so. OU81’s coconut cranberry, chocolate coffee and chocolate cherry bars are crafted with pumpkin seeds, almonds, dates, coconut oil and grass-fed whey protein powder, among other ingredients that adhere to the paleo/primal, gluten-free and grain-free dietary guidelines. “Our products aren’t only clean, they are tasty as well,” OU81 co-founder Brian Pena says. Pick up an OU81 bar for about $2 each at The Beat Coffeehouse, Grouchy John’s Coffee, Freddie’s Nutrition and Crossfit gyms around town.

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