The Best Time to Drive to L.A.


Perhaps you’ve hopped on Interstate 15 heading south on a Sunday in July and noticed you weren’t exactly alone. That’s because it was a Sunday in July, when I-15 south is most apt to resemble a parking lot. But if you want to give that cruise control a lengthy workout, hit the highway on a Wednesday in January. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation, Wednesday traffic crossing the Nevada/California border from 2003-2012 was nearly 20 percent below the daily average (Sunday traffic was 27 percent higher than the average). Meanwhile, January saw nearly 17 percent less traffic than the monthly average (July exceeded the average by nearly 22 percent). Got yourself one of those highfalutin time machines? Set it for 2008, the year Wall Street tanked and I-15’s traffic count was at its lowest over the past decade. So maybe it’s good economic news that traffic was at its highest in 2012.