All That Ever Stays the Same is Change


Ever take a trip back to your hometown after a long absence and find every business has become something else? Every conversation with your friends who didn’t leave starts with “Meet me at whatever that is where Giuseppe’s used to be.” (We’ve held lots of meetings at former pizza joints.)

Las Vegas and its relentless, merciless drive toward the future is the platonic ideal of that phenomenon. At some point, after we’ve all moved away and return for a visit in 2048, we’re going to be baffled that Mandalay Bay is a large-scale W Hotel and that the Luxor is a transmission shop. (We’re all planning the same return trip for 2048, right? Can’t wait to see how you made out in the Sentient Smartphone Uprising of 2039!)

The drive for ever-increasing turnover starts at MGM Grand, where La Comida and La Cave owner Michael Morton (pictured above left) will be opening a Mediterranean restaurant in the former Nob Hill space. It’s going to be another small-plates jam, and Morton said he’s been dining in Los Angeles and abroad for inspiration. Renderings are complete and the build-out has begun, but no name has been chosen yet. Smart money says it’ll be “La … something.”

With the dearly departed Peepshow now out of Planet Hollywood’s CHI Showroom, the next project to call that space home is ABBA-fest Dancing Queen. Just, you know, hopefully without a topless tribute to Björn Ulvaeus, to honor the showroom’s past. The a capella act Mo5aic, meanwhile, which spent the last year with V—The Ultimate Variety Show, will be headlining at the LVH’s Shimmer Cabaret.

Off the Strip, the turnover doesn’t come any less fast or furious. (Nor does it, it should be noted, involve Vin Diesel.) The Las Vegas Tattoo & Souvenir shop, between the Griffin and the Kabob Korner, has moved out. Tony Hsieh was spotted scoping out the space, because it’s a piece of real estate Downtown. People on Horders have dead cats stuffed in freezers; Hsieh has Downtown real estate.

New business, though, doesn’t appear to be doing as well as turnover. It seems that anyone moving into Hsieh’s new Container Park won’t be signing a lease—they’ll be licensees. Which means they have to kick 10 percent of their profits upstairs, on top of their rent. I really hope there’s a guy named Paulie who stops by every week to collect cash in an envelope. It’ll add to the quirky charm of it all.


Fights, Acts and Very Big Bets

Diddy, at his most Diddyish, threw a blowout after-fight party September 14 at Rain following the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez fight that drew a far-and-wide selection of athletes and musicians, including Rick Ross, Tyga, 2 Chainz, Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Flo Rida, Lil’ Kim, Mally Mall, James Harden, Jason Terry, Mike Bibby, Jalen Rose and Antonio Cromartie. But the fun part came after the party when Diddy and Ross were in the Studio at the Palms to work on “Big Homie,” and Diddy posted a live Instagram video where he reportedly lost a million bucks to Ross in one roll of the dice. It’s not the money that makes it far-fetched. It’s the idea that Diddy would post anything that shows him losing. … Clark County District Court Judge Susan Scann ruled September 13 that The Act wasn’t in violation of any laws, but it did issue a preliminary injunction against the club saying it had to revise its performances to meet “first-class” standards. The Venetian and the nightclub have been engaged in an ongoing legal fight about the performances that had the property trying for a while to evict the club. … Britney Spears’ two-year deal at Planet Hollywood will be worth a reported $30 million for her 96 shows. Or $1 for every time you’ve seen girls fly off their barstools and start dancing together when “Toxic” came on during a night out.





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