On the Margins of the Road More Traveled

Alongside I-15's familiar pavement, adventures await, both hidden and in plain sight


In the mythology of the modern West, Interstate 15 is one of the cold-hearted killers of the Mother Road, Route 66. With ruthless efficiency, I-15 hollowed out the small towns and fairground attractions of the hallowed midcentury highway. Today, though, I-15 across the Mojave Desert is a new kind of Mother Road for Las Vegans—our tether to the riches and inspirations of coastal California, and the road down which Californians carry their considerable treasures for deposit at the Bank of Vegas. In its own strange, radar-patrolled, truck-congested, occasionally gridlocked way, Interstate 15 is nothing short of life-giving. And, if you look closely enough and catch just the right exit, it’s as full of mystery and enchantment as its legendary predecessor.

Treasures of Interstate 15

Your spectacular guide to traveling the modern Mother Road from Fabulous Las Vegas toward Tinseltown | Read more…

Things are Happening on the Mojave: A Fall Calendar

Enjoy a parade, live music, gunfights, stagecoach rides, a burro run and a miner’s triathlon and more… | Read more.

Did Cowboys Sell Tin Stars?

It’s easy to question the authenticity of the remnants of this 1880s boomtown, but after you discover there’s enough real history here to make it worth visiting, you realize that it’s also cool enough that you don’t care… | Read more.

The Short, Sad Saga of the World’s Tallest Thermometer

Once a source of civic pride for the small town of Baker and an icon alongside Interstate 15, the World’s Tallest Thermometer has fallen into disrepair, and vandals have stripped much of the copper wiring from its base… | Read more.

Natural Wonders of the Mojave Desert

Unlike their culinary and historical counterparts, the botanical and geological treats found along Interstate 15 don’t get top billing in road signs and guidebooks… | Read more.

The Dark Beauty of Desolation

Photographer and UNLV professor Julian Kilker explores an eerie and half-lost world where man met the Mojave—and the Mojave won… | Read more.

Speeding Toward the Afterlife with Zak Bagans

Our intrepid reporter rides shotgun with the pedal-to-the-metal star of Ghost Adventures… | Read more.

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