Tour Buzz: Adam Ant & the Good, Edwin McCain and Hank III

adamantGOODY TWO SHOES, TWO: Whoa, déjà vu. I feel like I’ve been writing about Adam Ant & the Good,The Mad and The Lovely Posse, who perform at Hard Rock Live on September 20 ($33), for much of the past year—when in fact I’ve only been teasing this show and last year’s Adam Ant show, which happened in the exact same venue, one year ago this week. Whoa. Drilling down deeper, Inception-style, I see I wrote a review of that September 14, 2012, show that began, “When I saw Adam Ant at the Aladdin in ’92, I thought he was washed up.” Hang on; I saw Adam Ant in 1992? How many times have I seen an artist of whom I am, at best, a casual fan? Or could it be possible that every single performer I’ve ever seen performing onstage, from Metallica to Elvis Costello, is really just Adam Ant in a series of clever disguises? I think I need to sit this one out to process some stuff. But you should go. Ant plays all the classic New Romantic shit you love, and his band is tight … assuming they even exist.

THE WINNER: Look, Edwin McCain, I like you. You seem like a nice guy. You’re nothing if not a seasoned performer. You’re from South Carolina, as is a very good friend of mine. And I’m gonna tell people to see you at Vinyl on September 26 ($46-$67). But I can’t pretend that I’ve ever been into your music, because I never have … no, not even that “I’ll Be” song, the one that gets played at every third wedding I attend. The only reason you’re making an appearance in this column is because this weekend’s iHeart Radio Festival appears to be sold out, and because I’ll be goddamned if I give any press to Jimmy Eat World. So, take a bow, Edwin McCain! You’ve benefited from an unexpectedly slow week!

NOW ON SALE: This is really just for my buddy Phil, who loves Hank Williams Jr. but has yet to see his son, the hell-raising Hank III. The son of the son of the great honky-tonker plays House of Blues on October 11, and tickets are just $20. You oughta see him, Phil. He’s a hillbilly renegade in the classic style, and I think I might like his “Country Heroes.” Google it. He sounds just like his granddaddy.

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