Curses! Finds His Vibe

Talking a new sounds, new projects and high school with the multi-talented musician and DJ known as Curses!


Luca Venezia, better known as DJ Drop the Lime, is returning to the dance music scene as Curses! Having previously produced under the moniker, this will mark the first time Venezia brings the techno-heavy sounds of Curses! to Las Vegas (the rockabilly-tinged Drop the Lime is a regular on the Strip scene). With a new single due out October 28 on Ultra, it looks like the New Yorker and founder of dance label Trouble & Bass is on his way. Catch Curses! on the rooftop at Commonwealth September 25.

How does Curses! differ from Drop the Lime and previous projects you’ve worked on?

It’s very after-hours—a deep-house, techno vibe. It more about that dark aspect, where Drop the Lime is incorporating rock ’n’ roll and mixing genres all together. Curses! is strictly about a getting-lost-in-the-club kind of vibe. In New York, there’s an amazing after-hours scene that’s happening, so I started playing these late-night warehouse parties. The Drop the Lime sound didn’t really work for that. It’s more about getting in the zone and really building on a vibe. Drop the Lime was always very hard and heavy with quick cuts, so it just made a lot of sense to bring Curses! back and continue on with the house sounds.

What are you doing when you’re not working as Curses! or Drop the Lime?

I have a surf-punk band called Haters with a drummer and a bass player. It’s like rockabilly and surf music, a real short, crazy kind of punk vibe mixed with a surf sound. I have another project called Last Defender, which is incorporating a cinematic, ambient kind of vibe. I’ve got too many things going on.

You describe Curses!’ sound as “New Gotham house music.” Can you elaborate?

I think what I’m really attracted to is the early industry kind of sounds, so things like Front 242, Skinny Puppy—and the drum that they use—and incorporating that with Chicago house and early New York ’90s house vibes. I like mixing that with a modern bass line. It’s gritty New York, nighttime, dark industrial in the sense of urban landscape vibes—a wasteland. That’s the angle I’m going for.

What’s the next move for Curses!?

I’ve got a lot of new singles—the next one is dropping the end of October. It’s a very dark techno tune called “Watch and Do.” The biggest project I have coming out—probably in December—is a single with Robyn S. who sang that song “Show Me Love.” We did this really amazing old school, ’90s vibe mix of heavy industrial drums. I also did a song with Cedric from Azari & III. There’s a lot of singles coming out.

We heard you went to school with Alicia Keys. Is that true?

Yeah, I went to a professional performing arts school. We were in the gospel choir together. I haven’t seen her in over 20 years. My high school was pretty crazy, though. We had this other dude, Chris Glover, who is Penguin Prison. The Holy Ghost! guys also went there. It was a crazy school.