More Football Deals, Bars and Contests

Everything else you need to know for the next 13 games

The Superbook at LVH.

The Superbook at LVH.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about several good football-related deals around town, most of which are associated with football parties or contests. Those are all still valid, but every year new deals show up after the season begins. Here’s an update:

Reduced Juice: When you make a football bet, the typical arrangement is to bet $110 to win $100, which is referred to as “laying ten cents” or “betting at -110.” On Thursdays from 3 p.m. till close, the SuperBook at LVH offers minus-105 betting, which means you bet only $105 to win $100 (college and NFL sides only). It’s a good deal that cuts the bookie’s edge from 4.5 percent to 2.4 percent, but be sure to use the bet numbers from the “minus-105 sheet” at the window or you won’t get the reduction.

Independents: Here’s another leg up for bettors: The industry keeps consolidating, but there are still several “independent” books where you’ll often find lines that are off in either direction from the market. The value of that varies, but for most bettors it means that if you “shop” these books, there’s a good chance that you’ll find a half-point or better when looking for the best deal on a team you want to play. You can define an indie in different ways, but the main criterion is that they don’t have outlets in multiple places. In Las Vegas, these are LVH, TI, Wynn, Golden Nugget, Jerry’s Nugget and Aliante.

Groceries: This one’s pretty cool. Shop at any Albertsons on a Sunday and wear an NFL jersey with a name and number to get 10 percent off your bill. And the discount is on everything—meat, toiletries, even alcohol. I’m told this is a national deal, so you can share it with your friends in other cities, though they might have to wear a jersey from that city’s NFL team if it has one.

Free Contests: When I wrote about the contests in August, I mentioned only the big freebies at Boyd and Station casinos. You can also play free contests at Aliante, Ellis Island, Silver Sevens and Silverton. Play the first three at their respective casino kiosks; find the fourth online at Finally, last year I used this whole column to provide a full list of bars that follow specific NFL teams. Since the Las Vegas Review-Journal does the same thing (and you can Google that list), this year I’ll give you only the ones that my researchers uncovered that the R-J didn’t.
Bears—Brando’s, E-String, Shucks; Broncos—Four Mile Bar; Browns—Boulevard Bar & Grille, Giuseppe’s; Chargers—Michael’s Pub; Chiefs—Joey’s; Dolphins—Tropicana Lounge, Whiskey Dick’s; Eagles—Off The Strip; Giants—Dealer’s Choice; Lions—Meatheads; Packers—Big Dog’s Draft House, Champagne’s; Patriots—Cavalier Lounge, East Coast Eats; Raiders—Shifty’s; Saints—7-11 Bar, Lola’s; Steelers—Noreen’s; Vikings—Blue Ox East.



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