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Get high with Afroman on Sept. 27 at LVCS | Photo by Jimmy Bruch

Get high with Afroman on Sept. 27 at LVCS | Photo by Jimmy Bruch

Lots of cool live music happening in the Las Vegas underground this week. Which will be a nice change of pace in the aftermath of last weekend’s iHeartRadio festival. Corporate Internet radio behemoth Clear Channel’s self-congratulatory event aims to lure—I swear to God—people from the restaurant industry. See, gourmet burger joints in Tampa, Florida, need to advertise on radio stations—terrestrial and online. Clear Channel in turn treats them to a lineup of artists such as Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry. Excuse me while I vomit in a grease trap.

You’ll find the good kind of grease in the full-throttle riffs at Throw the Fight’s show at 9 p.m. September 26 at LVCS. The Minneapolis alt-metal band is touring in support of an EP of B-sides calledThe Vault. While I haven’t heard it, Throw the Fight’s last full-length, 2012’s What Doesn’t Kill Us, is completely lethal, no-quarter-given post-hardcore. When I first heard the opening track, “Bloodshot Eyes,” I was nearly knocked senseless by the avalanching guitar riffs and had to apply Visine just to get my bearings. There’s going to be a serious mosh pit at this show, so look for me cowering in fear over by the bar, clutching a beer like a security blanket.

When my favorite noise-punk-metal trio, Life’s Torment, left town last year for California, I was bummed, man. Good news for me, though: The band returns to play two shows this week, the first at 10 p.m. September 27 at Double Down Saloon (with Unfair FightTiger SexGloomsday and Agent 86), and the second in a frickin’ comic-book shop at 7 p.m. September 28, at Hellpop! Comics (in the Arts Factory, with Deep Fried Orphans and Tiger Sex sharing the bill). I like to think of Life’s Torment as Unsane (skate-punk) mixed with Motörhead (scuzz-metal) and Big Black (noise-rock). If you enjoy any or all of that combination, you’re going to love grinding your eardrums to dust at one or both of these shows.

Speaking of comics shops, the rapper made famous by director Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) arrives in Las Vegas to perform his slacker-celebrating hit “Because I Got High.” I’m talking, of course, about Afroman, the Oregon hip-hop hemp-hero whose 2012 disc was straight-up titledMarijuana Music. I’ve always considered Afroman a less psychedelic, more articulate version of Cypress Hill. One thing I know for sure: If you’re fan of West Coast rap with a comedic edge, this show shouldn’t disappoint. Gosh, why didn’t I apply for my medicinal pot license when I had the chance? Oh well, maybe I’ll get a contact high when Afroman lights up September 27 at LVCS. Also on the bill: EkohDevastate,War PaintKlass-Sick and Bobby Boulder.

Finally, a real blast from my goth-rock past: Christian Death plays LVCS at 9 p.m. October 3 withAntichrist Superstar and Dim. I can’t wait for this, mainly because I never caught the band live despite absorbing their challenging, bad-mood music during my high school days. Think Joy Division by way of Los Angeles with tons of feedback, or imagine a noise-drenched The Cure. Either way, I gotta dig up my old Only Theatre of Pain shirt with the holes in it. Or did my mom throw it away?

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