Tin Foil: Not Just for Crazy-People Hats


When I was a kid in Vegas, I saw house windows all over town covered with tin foil. Was this thought to protect against potential rogue radiation from the Nevada Test Site?

Interesting guess, but it was actually another Vegas thing that prompted the practice: the commonality of the swing shift in our 24-hour city. Given that most people operate on a sunlight-driven circadian rhythm, it can prove very difficult to sleep while the sun is blazing, no matter your work schedule. The quick, inexpensive, noncommittal Vegas solution? Cover bedroom windows with a sun-beating layer of aluminum foil. Of course, this was before apartment and homeowners association rules prohibited such aesthetic anarchy. Now, day-sleepers shell out big bucks for blackout blinds or curtains to accomplish the same thing.

It’s been so nice outside recently. Is it safe to sock away the linen suits and cotton sundresses?

It’s a predictable September social media theme: “I can’t wait to break out all my cuuuute fall styles!” Not so fast, fashionista. This (relatively) cool, post-monsoon awesomeness might lull you into a bout of scarf-season anticipation that may eventually sucker you into sweating through lunch sporting boots on a surprisingly warm day. If you won’t bother to check your weather app, at least know your geography: In the high desert, cool nights that swing into warm days are the autumnal norm. And listen to your neighbors. Las Vegas folklore maintains that, no matter what the calendar says, fall doesn’t start until Nevada Day (you may know it as Halloween). So keep that sunscreen handy!

White Castle visits Las Vegas.

Given the unanticipated intense reader interest in whether White Castle ever had an official Las Vegas store, I feel somewhat obligated to share this tidbit: The famed slider spot will return to a temporary, company-approved setup at the Las Vegas Foodie Fest (Oct. 18-20 at the Silverton Casino). White Castle set up shop at last year’s festival, and the result was absurdly long lines. So this year, the Castle has employed three times the staff to work triple the number of grills. Also on hand? More than 30 local and national food trucks.



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