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    We’re Talking Downtown Living

    By Wendoh Media

    On September 25, a bunch of Downtown residents gathered at the Historic Fifth Street School to talk about their neighborhoods. Here’s what DTLV took away from the Read More

  • Seven Questions

    Seven Questions for Véronic DiCaire, Vocal Impressionist

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Musical eras bounce around like tennis balls on the Jubilee! Theater stage at Bally’s—from Billie Holiday to Karen Carpenter to Rihanna, plus 47 more examples—when Véronic DiCaire is on it. Nurtured by Celine Dion as her protégé and tour opener, the 36-year-old French-Canadian impressionist debuted her one-woman smorgasbord of singers, Véronic Voices, in June.

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    Drawing the City

    By Greg Blake Miller

    Among the highlights of the the American Institute of Architects' recent Nevada Designs Conference was a Downtown sketching class led by Eric Roberts of SH Architecture and Matt Brehm, an art professor at the University of Idaho and a key player in the international Urban Sketchers movement.