Best Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet

caesars_bacchanal_buffet_no_credits_WEBThis eating extravaganza, creatively packaged by the Japanese design firm Super Potato, offers more than 500 items on the raw bar alone. A barbecue station has enough meat hanging around that it looks like it’s straight out of Texas, and an Asian selection includes ramen and traditional dim sum dumplings. A revolving door of tourists (some 3,500 a day) doesn’t mean the kitchen is content to crank out the same items day in and day out. A number of chefs at Bacchanal have Michelin stars as part of their pedigree, and they continue to push the envelope here as they would in a traditional non-volume kitchen, with up to 15 well-composed daily specials, such as braised rabbit, osso buco or seafood risotto. $25-$50, in Caesars Palace, 731-7928.

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