Best Egg Dish

L’oeuf de Poule at Joël Robuchon at the Mansion

The impeccable technique of Joël Robuchon has brought the world many dishes that rise above those of his colleagues, such as his famous mashed potatoes and his amazing langoustine ravioli. What makes them great is simplicity; he takes everyday ingredients and transforms them into treasures. Perhaps one of his newer creations—with the unwieldy name l’oeuf de poule, mollet juste tièdi, Florentine jeune Comté—illustrates this better than any other. This is an organic egg from a small farm in Ontario, California, delivered daily to the restaurant, gently boiled four minutes. The egg is precisely 40 grams in weight, a key factor, as the balance of ingredients has to be exact. Then the semi-soft egg is placed on a spinach mousseline, and dressed with Comté cheese sauce and shavings of black truffle. Sheer perfection. In MGM Grand, 891-7925.


Step 1: Place the egg into boiling water for the duration of 4 minutes and thirty seconds.
Step 2: After the time has elapsed, take the egg from the water and gently remove the shell.
Step 3: Place the spinach leaves within boiled water with a pinch of salt for the duration of 20 seconds.
Step 4: Remove the spinach from the water, and immediately place within ice cold water. Following that, press them gently but firmly in order to remove all excess water.
Step 5: Place the spinach leaves into a blender and mix on “puree” setting in order to cut the spinach leaves thinly.
Step 6: Create the béchamel – heat butter over a low flame in order to melt it and add flour while whisking constantly.
Step 7: Cook slowly over low flame and continue to whisk gently to assure no coloration. This process should last five minutes.
Step 8: Add milk and cook to boil.
Step 9: Begin the Comte cream sauce – pour the cream into a clean casserole and bring to boil.
Step 10: Add the Comte cheese, whisk gently over open flame until all cheese melts. Then place to side.
Step 11: Cut a thin slice of Comte – this will need to be shaped into a perfect circle. Following that, cut a thin slice of black truffle – the diameter of the latter should be one-fourth that of the former.
Step 12: Mix a spoonful of béchamel and a thin slice of noix de muscade
Step 13: Add a pinch of salt.
Step 14: Add to the mix two spoonful’s of the spinach puree.
Step 15: Whisk the mixture until creamy over a low flame.
Step 16: Delicately place the spinach Florentine within the bowl. A thin layer should cover the base of the dish.
Step 17: Carefully place the circular Comte cheese slice on top of the heated, prepped egg. Upon that place the smaller, circular slice of black truffle.

Step 18: Place the egg upon the center of the puree in the center of the dish. Following this, slowly disperse the Comte cheese sauce around the edge of the puree.

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