Best Foodie Strip Mall

Mountain View Plaza

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

Imagine finding five of our best and most unusual Asian restaurants in one strip mall. That’s the case with Mountain View Plaza, located on the east side of Jones Boulevard, just north of Chinatown’s main drag, Spring Mountain Road. It is home to HK Star (220-3388), which serves Cantonese seafood and clay-pot dishes; China MaMa (873-1977), which does the best juicy pork dumplings this side of Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Valley, to go with a menu of Chinese cold dishes; Asian BBQ & Noodle (202-3636), for soy-sauce chicken, roast pork with crispy skin and great won-ton soup; and Shaanxi Gourmet (586-3311), a northwest China venue where lamb is combined with cumin in various forms. Most of the country is covered by these four cuisines, but it’s not all China in this mall. The innovative Chada Thai & Wine (641-1345), owned by a Lotus of Siam alum, Bank Atcharawan, has garnered national recognition for his small-plate dishes from his native Thailand.

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