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Foie gras cherry bomb at Comme Ça

comme_ca_pan_roast_of_foie_gras_with_cherry_bomb_no_credit_WEBAs if the roasted foie gras here wasn’t bomb enough, chef Brian Howard somehow managed to make it dynamite. The appetizer arrives with an innocuous-enough looking accompaniment of cherries, except upon closer examination, one of those is not a cherry at all, but in fact a foie gras cherry bomb. Howard sculpts foie gras mousse into a ball, then dips it into a mixture of foie fat, cocoa butter and sea salt. The deep-red mixture tempers around the mousse to form a shell, with a cherry stem sticking out of the top to complete the illusion. The real cherry, along with a few slivers of tart kumquats, has been pickled to cut into the rich explosion that just happened in your mouth. $24, in the Cosmopolitan, 698-7910.

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