Best Mexican

Leticia’s Mexican Cocina

Photo by Jon Estrada

Photo by Jon Estrada

This little gem up in the far north side of the Valley is often overlooked, but good prices, hearty portions and honest home-style cooking make Leticia’s worth the drive. Most meals come with complimentary cups of fideo, a Mexican noodle soup that’s a cure for anything from the common cold to a case of the blues. Leticia Mitchell is a Chilanga, or Mexico City native, but her food comes from all over Mexico, and it is as authentic as you’ll find. Cochinita pibil—slow-roasted pork laced with achiote, or annatto seed—is a delicacy from Yucatan, while her grilled corn topped with queso fresco, chile and lime is a street food one encounters in any public park south of the border. Empanadas, chiles rellenos and Ensenada-style fish tacos are just three standout dishes at this charmingly rustic restaurant. 7585 Norman Rockwell Lane, 445-7722.

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